Choosing the Best Gaming Keyboard for You

All keyboards may appear the same to the ordinary user and may not tell much about the difference between a gaming keyboard and a conventional one. You may find the keyboard that you bought with your machine good enough for normal use like typing essays, but you must get the right tool for the job when it comes to gaming. The gaming keyboards are made to withstand heavy and harsh use and have excellent performance while remaining reliable.

So, what are some of the features that you should look out for in a gaming keyboard?

Keyboard Size

keyboard sizeSome keyboards come with more keys compared to others. This is mostly evident on laptops where the screen size determines the number of buttons that a keyboard can accommodate.
A full-size keyboard has 104, at times 105 keys, comprising a complete QWERTY alphanumeric part, a separate number pad, dedicated function keys, and four directional cursor buttons. These keyboards are the commonest style, but going by your workspace, they may too big. The number pad may pose a problem when you feel it separates by a generous space the keys you want to use with your left hand and the mouse.

If you are such a gamer or user, choose a keyboard without a number pad or the ‘tenkeyless’ size. It takes far less space on your desktop. All other things remain even the critical cursor keys. And it is good enough for most gamers so you may also find it a better choice. However, if for your work, the number pad is crucial, go for the full keyboard.

Anti-Ghosting or Key Rollover

gamer computer keyboard with high KROKey rollover is the number of presses the keyboard can register at a go. Most keyboards have 1 or 2 Rollover. If you press twice or more times, the additional keystrokes will either not register or the keyboard will register extra unpressed keys, the reason the issue is commonly referred to as ‘ghosting.’

For the avoidance of ghosting, most gaming keyboards have on the lowest a 6 Key Rollover. With 6KRO, they can accommodate enough simultaneous keystrokes for the quick typist and avid gamers. If you wish to have superb performance, opt for keyboards having N-Key Rollover, because they will register every command.

Switch Type

There is a physical switch under each key for taking each stroke. There are two most common switches-mechanical and membrane. Mechanical switches are durable, have more variety, but cost a bit more. They are also generally noisier or louder when in use than the membrane ones. So if you want to avoid noise, say you have people around you, it would help if you chose the membrane keyboard or the appropriate mechanical ones.